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Student debt

30 Oct

Here’s a nice article about student debt.

“Starting November 2, schools across the nation will participate in teach-ins about Occupy Wall Street in hopes of continuing and extending the dialogue that was started by the Occupy Movement.”

Sam Stamport


Food Crisis In East Africa

29 Oct

It is hard to believe that in the current age of technology and monetary; famine of such extreme nature would even exist.Is this famine the product of bad government or just mother nature in terms of global warming as many have accredited it to? There are numerous horrible stories of mothers who have seen death snatch their children away from them as they laid in their arms. “It’s not a heartless mother leaving a child behind, just one who wants to survive.” On a road between the countries of Kenya and Somalia lies the bodies of children who have succumbed to the famine and the hardships of making the journey from their famine stricken country to Kenya.
How are the prominent nations like the United States helping to alleviate this issue, which has being deemed one of the worst crisis in recent history? It’s being documented that International donors have provided more than a billion dollars in funds to ease this famine, but the United Nations claims there is the need for a billion more.
I believe this is an issue of global irresponsibility of which you and I are a part of. So what are we doing to bring this change and make sure crisis like this are prevented?


Obama’s student loan debt- relief plan: To good to be true?

27 Oct

President Obama on Wednesday is launching a new plan to lower the cost of paying back student loans for millions of borrowers.

The plan, is to be implemented by executive authority alone, allows some 1.6 million students to cap their loan payments at 10 percent of their discretionary income starting in 2012. It also forgives the balance of student loans after 20 years of payments. Current law allows students to limit loan payments to 15 percent of income, forgiving debt after 25 years of payments, though few students are aware of this option.

-Alexandria Trevino

Oakland protesters hold late-night march after vet injured

27 Oct

Oakland protesters hold late-night march after vet injured.

It is sad when things like this happen in my opinion Police Forces should not be using this much force against innocent Protesters. The Oakland police took this a little to far and they are trying to get out of it b saying he came at them first. Also when fellow protesters where helping the injured vet Police officers shoot another canister of tear gas at the exact area they were at.

Juan Velazquez

Stop Cyber-bullying

27 Oct

Cyber-bullying is when someone is using the internet and other related technologies to intentionaly and repeatedly hurt someone and their reputation in a hostile manner. This can be done by either posting messages or pictures of the individual online, or send a text on a phone to try to embarrass somebody. Cyber-bullying can be as simple as continuing to send e-mail to someone who has said they want no further contact with the sender, but it may also include threats, sexual remarks, pejorative labels (i.e., hate speech), ganging up on victims by making them the subject of ridicule in forums, and posting false statements as fact aimed at humiliation.Kids report being mean to each other online beginning as young as 2nd grade. According to research, boys initiate mean online activity earlier than girls do. However, by middle school, girls are more likely to engage in cyber-bullying than boys do.Whether the bully is male or female, their purpose is to intentionally embarrass others, harass, intimidate, or make threats online to one another. This bullying occurs via email, text messaging, posts to blogs, and Web sites.

Its important that we take a stand and put an end to cyber-bullying. Start a campaign and to stop cyber bullying and also educate young people about the harmful effects of cyber-bullying so that they don’t get involved in that type of hostile environment.

Rick Perry bad candidate?

25 Oct

Mitt Romney has critized Rick Perry about being soft on Illegal Immigration in almost all debates that come accross the nation. Rick Perry supports the bill he passed in Texas as governor, The Texas Dream Act, which give in-state tuition to an illegal child who graduated from a Texas High School and is working on legal status. Mitt Romney went hard on Perry, but I think Perry shut him up when he said why are you complaining if you hire Illegals to do your garden work at you own house. I think Perry knows that these students who are trying to learn and be part of this nation will also help the falling economy.


occupy dallas protesters arrested!!!!

25 Oct

Protesters involved with Occuppy Dallas arrested.

Hinkley, Bradley J. youtube. 24 10 2011. 24 10 2011 .

Dominique Berry