Food Crisis In East Africa

29 Oct

It is hard to believe that in the current age of technology and monetary; famine of such extreme nature would even exist.Is this famine the product of bad government or just mother nature in terms of global warming as many have accredited it to? There are numerous horrible stories of mothers who have seen death snatch their children away from them as they laid in their arms. “It’s not a heartless mother leaving a child behind, just one who wants to survive.” On a road between the countries of Kenya and Somalia lies the bodies of children who have succumbed to the famine and the hardships of making the journey from their famine stricken country to Kenya.
How are the prominent nations like the United States helping to alleviate this issue, which has being deemed one of the worst crisis in recent history? It’s being documented that International donors have provided more than a billion dollars in funds to ease this famine, but the United Nations claims there is the need for a billion more.
I believe this is an issue of global irresponsibility of which you and I are a part of. So what are we doing to bring this change and make sure crisis like this are prevented?



2 Responses to “Food Crisis In East Africa”

  1. changemakermvu October 30, 2011 at 7:40 pm #

    i think that we should donate and make sure that the money reaches them because some of the aid intended for those people are not given to them and used for something else.

    Patrick Uchebo

  2. iliana November 8, 2011 at 10:22 pm #

    I believe we do a lot for them… but if it’s not making a diffrence than mabe we should do diffrent things to help them. we donate food, the u.s provides them with free treatments through non-profit organizations, we give out a bunch of free stuff to them, and i think thats great. I think people should start buisnesses over there and build buildings that will not only help the people but it will give them an opportunity to work. they need to make a life style that will help them be able to provide for there family on there own one day.


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