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We Sould not Give Jobs to Felons

22 Oct

OK you are 18 and stupid hang out with the wrong friends, then you find out that they sell drugs. Now you are scared of them because the general idea of drug dealers. Then you find out that they are not so scary so you hang out with them again. Time go’s by then you get the idea the money is worth the risk. so you sell for a little while, but you get busted almost right away. Spend your time in jail spend money for court and so on with all the issues that follow, then you were scared straight now. you look for a job and weeks go by months go by still no job you have nothing. Your friends that you live with still sell drugs and have plenty of money so you are once again are selling drugs not because you just are lazy or greedy just you need money to live. There is no bulls#@$ that helps X-cons to get food or a house until you get a job, that crap is not real.

 Don’t forget only black people are drug dealers right, (Every picture i looked up it was mostly black people so I added that to this as well, oh and the government invented crack.)  Hey you need a self esteem boost.

So it’s OK to put someone in jail to tell them that what they did was wrong. Then to allow employers to not hire them because they went to jail and was punished, and was released because they were now were determined to be a normal, safe, and happy member of society. The only way out of jail by the way. Then when they can’t get a job you still expected to not commit any kind of crime that you did before it earned a lot of money in a little amount of time. Is that OK you messed up once and now when you try again you can’t. Then you hate people who have been to jail, unless you knew them before then they only went because they messed up once but it’s OK they will not do it again jail has changed them, anyone else jail has no effect on right.

By: Edward Zhu (Taylor) it’s up late i had no internet, sorry