OccupyDallas & Syrian protesters stand together

13 Nov

Members of OccupyDallas watched online early Sunday morning as tens of thousands of protesters gathered in Ma`arat al-Nu`man, Syria to show their support for the local movement. Protesters held signs, written in English and Arabic, and chanted in the streets. In response, a statement was posted on the OccupyDallas News website. It reads:

“As we mark the one-month anniversary of the occupation of our city, the people of OccupyDallas will stand together and march in solidarity with the people of Syria. As our brothers and sisters in Syria fight to break free from an oppressive regime that has resorted to extreme brutality and criminal violence, we stand up to support them.

In countries across Africa and the Middle East, the people are standing up and we march to support them. The movements may be known by different names and they may fly different flags but we are one. Today, as every day, we stand together as one. With a single voice we make our demands. No longer shall the people live in forced submission. No longer shall we watch as the centers of power ignore the needs of the people.

We protest openly in our city streets, carry signs and chant slogans in defiance of the tyranny that has spread across the world. We demand freedom as a basic right for all of humanity. We demand the right to speak freely and will no longer suffer the silencing of our voices. We are the 99% and we will be victorious. They cannot stop what has begun. As we stand together our voice only grows louder. Every day new comrades join in the fight for freedom.

To President Bashar al-Assad: you have tortured, imprisoned and killed those who speak out against your regime. Your inhumane and evil deeds will not go unpunished. The whole world is watching and the people of Syria cannot be censored or defeated.

At 4 p.m. Sunday we will gather together at Pioneer Plaza and march throughout the city shouting our support for the people of Syria and the rest of our brothers and sisters fighting for their freedom. After the march we will hold a candlelight vigil and read off the names of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in Syria. The people of OccupyDallas proudly add our voice and join in singing the song of human freedom.”



One Response to “OccupyDallas & Syrian protesters stand together”

  1. changemakermvu November 15, 2011 at 3:42 pm #

    i think that both of them are doing a good job by protesting against injustice and they should keep it up.

    Patrick Uchebo

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