9 Nov might be a web site you can use to organize yourselves and cause positive change to happen.

Here are some victories that people have won using

I discovered today that Facebook has an app called causes. This might also be a very good tool to organize yourselves to solve the problems identified in the class for the class project.

You can also check out Kristen Christian on Facebook. She’s the one who created the Bank Transfer Day movement that has $4.5 billion dollars in more than 650,000 accounts from Bank of American and the other big banks to Credit Unions and smaller banks. You can get ideas from her about how to organize. Christian is a young, college student.

In addition to the above you can also read about how the Occupy movement ( and is working to solve problems. The people who maintain the web site for Occupy Dallas are young college students just like you. You can email them directly at Tell them that you are working on a class project and need ideas as to how to use the Internet to solve problems.

Here’s yet another way that college students are using the Internet to effect positive change Read this report and see if there are ways you can use it to move this assignment forward.

Sam Stamport


3 Responses to “Petitions”

  1. iliana November 10, 2011 at 4:53 am #

    This is a great and easy website to use. Next week November 14 – 19 there will be people asking MVC students what they think as far as moving the smoking area to a diffrent location that way non smokers won’t have to go through all that while entering the west building on campus. If there is more students who vote it should be moved/ relocated then students at MVC will have the right to start a petition on campus. 🙂 -iliana

    • changemakermvu November 10, 2011 at 3:09 pm #

      I would like to join that petition about moving the smokers at an other location or just moving them from that area. Many people pass through there all the time and HAVE to inhale all that bad air. Nope don’t want to do that anymore where do I sign.

      Melissa Mendoza

  2. changemakermvu November 10, 2011 at 3:17 pm #

    I’m also trying to do my part in moving the smokers somewhere else because everytime i’m passing through the corridor between the w building and the e building, i have to be inhaling ciggarette smoke and i don’t like it.
    Patrick Uchebo

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