Unemployment Rate 2009 near 14%

8 Nov

One Response to “Unemployment Rate 2009 near 14%”

  1. iliana November 8, 2011 at 8:57 pm #

    I think when taxes go down is when more jobs are available. i hope this gets better soon 😦 companies don’t want to hire so many full time workers because they get paid more and if they do overtime they have to pay extra. I think it’s great that people are protesting the fact that they are part of the 99% because it lets big companies (such as banks) know that they caint keep on putting more hidden fee’s or else people will no longer do buisness with them. I was always told to bank and do straight deposite for my checks at work but my bank started charging me over $5 a month every time i didnt use my debit card at least 3 times a month. it may sound like a little but when you got bills to pay it’s not worth it, i had to cancle my card and im not planning to give away my money to greedy banks 🙂


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