Occupy The Hood Dallas

1 Nov

The ‘Occupy’ phenomenon, which has spread around the world and is garnering international media attention, has been criticized for being predominantly white; considerably lacking in racial diversity.

Occupy the Hood is a call to action for all poor and working class people of color to play a greater role in the Occupy movement by bringing their voice and struggle to the forefront.

Only through… cooperation and the participation of all races can we, the working class majority, have the power to effectively challenge the capitalist class minority which exploits and oppresses us. We must defy institutionalized class antagonisms which divide us, such as racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia, in order to make a collective stand against the racist capitalist system and fight for fundamental change.

Women, LGBT people, out of status immigrants and people of color are amongst the most vulnerable, oppressed and exploited within the working class. Unemployment, gross wage disparity, poverty, homelessness, lack of or inadequate health care, and negligent & failing public school systems are a few of the social ills which plague our communities.

Black and brown brothers and sisters in particular are targets and victims of police brutality, the racist war on drugs, the racist judicial system, the racist prison industrial complex and the racist death penalty.

Exploited by the capitalists, targeted by the police and used by the Democrats; we the ‘Hood’ are doing for self and taking our positions in this class war by joining our brothers and sisters of all colors and fighting for social & economic justice. Fighting for power. All power to the people.

This is Occupy the Hood Dallas. We’ve been here.

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Website http://www.facebook.com/occupythehooddallas

Dominique Berry


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